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FEE has been established in India since November 2004 and its mission is to reverse this whole decay of 20th-century education. There are some problems we need to face these days trying to educate children in school, with their homework and L.Ron. Hubbard, an American educator has found a workable solution which is a fantastic discovery in the field of education known as Study technology.

These are a research-based -system that can be used to assist children and adults to study and Learn any subject. It is the undercut to Learning anything and is the missing step in education today.

We are here to deliver training to every teachers, parents, and student in this study technology so our kids can solve learning difficulties and succeed In life.

This way they can help themselves and others so knowledge can be understood applied and get the correct results to improve individual and society.

Message From Our Managing Trustee

In order to promote understanding through education and to make this education available to the categories of the society, we have open this Trust which aims to encourage the development of intellectual abilities of the students. Schools have the most responsible and important role to play in any students life, they should feel responsible to influence everyone in their vicinity.

The most important part is that students at school should be encouraged to take an active interest in the welfare of society which can be easily given through education. Foundation for Effective Education abides with the principles of Study technology given by an American educator L Ron Hubbard. Study Technology is the most advanced technology which is an important need of the hour and Shikshalaya a Real Learning Place is the only school which deals with this advanced tech.

In this project, children are chosen from underprivileged families and are admitted to Shikshalaya, the school run by Foundation for Effective Education. So here in Foundation for Effective Education, we make sure that students learn each subject with a study tech trained teacher at Shikshalaya a Real Learning Place and enhance their skills and to provide future role models to our society.

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