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Foundation for Effective Education is an educational Trust registered on 16th Nov 2004. All the donations made to the trust are exempted under section 80G (5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

One of the objects of Foundation for Effective Education is to undertake projects and organize training and/or general education so as to assist and enable students to occupy their rightful place in the national development and growth of the society. To fulfill this object the trust has taken an initiative to deliver world-class education to the children of underprivileged families. In this project, children are chosen from underprivileged families and are admitted to Shikshalaya, the school run by the Foundation for Effective Education. The trust takes care of the expenses for books, food, school fees, etc. These children are also provided classes of art, music, etc as per the interest of the child and are also taught about right and wrong decisions, and how it can affect one’s life.

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